Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On This Day In 1982...

...the Reverend Sun Myung Moon performed 2,075 weddings.

No, it wasn't part of the plot of some wacky 80's sitcom about a forgetful minister who makes 2,075 madcap, zany-accident-laden dashes between multiple churches in an attempt to perform all the weddings he's been booked for that day, eventually learning a Very Important Lesson about how trying to please everyone just leaves everyone unhappy. The Rev. Moon was the founder and head of the Unification Church, which holds enormous mass weddings called "marriage re-dedication ceremonies." This particular ceremony was held in Madison Square Garden, and most of the couples involved were personally matched up--only a few weeks beforehand, in some cases--by the Rev. Moon himself.

Okay, that sounds kind of creepy and cult-like, and I'd definitely run a million miles from anyone who asked me to marry some dude I met two weeks ago in a communal wedding with 2,074 other couples for Jesus. But the American Psychological Association (eventually) decided that they probably don't brainwash their members, so there's that. Besides, here's a picture of the Rev. Moon...

...and I just can't stay mad at a guy who looks like he just left the house to run a quick errand--and completely forgot that he never took off the sparkly dress-up clothes he was playing tea party with his granddaughters in.

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