Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On This Day In 1982...

Pan Am Flight 759 crashed.

No, not that Pan Am flight. Or that one.* This particular plane was bound for San Diego when it got caught in a microburst and went down just a few minutes after taking off from New Orleans International Airport. All 145 passengers and crew on board were killed, and eight people on the ground died as well. 32 years have elapsed since the crash, but the Pan Am Flight 759 disaster still holds the dubious honor of being the fifth deadliest aviation disaster to occur on US soil.

By the way, check out this weirdly unsettling illustration of a microburst. Seriously, has anything ever looked more like the ravening proboscis of a rampaging insectoid wind god?

*Note to self: If trapped in the 1980's, don't fly Pan Am.

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