Monday, September 15, 2014

Music Video Monday: Beautiful Bomb

This post isn't going to be quite like a regular Music Video Monday post, because the video involved did not come out in the 80's or even in the early 90's. In fact, it was released in 2009. But I'm writing about it anyway, because it was crafted from pure happiness and cotton candy. I want everyone to know that it exists.

This is "Beautiful Bomb" by Finnish glam rock band Reckless Love, and despite not actually being made in the 80's, it is still one of the 80's-est music videos I've ever seen.

Lots of gaudy pink neon in the background? Check!

Pretty men with long, super-glossy, massively enviable hair? Skin-hugging man tights? Check and check!

Lead singer riding a motorcycle while making male model-style pouty lips? Hell yeah!

And don't forget the prerequisite sexy blonde lady, seen here taking a leisurely aerial ride on the video's main visual gimmick:

I don't know how well it comes through in this still, but that's a fuzzy leopard-print cowboy hat she's waving around in her left hand, and that too is pretty classic 80's.

Even the band's website is an epic 80's-splosion.

Also, the lead singer may be the most adorable person ever to walk the face of the earth:

D'aww, look at him, all bouncy and happy and smiley! I've heard that Finns have gotten a bit of a reputation for being glum,* but this guy looks like if he hugged you or high-fived you or even brushed past you too closely, you'd instantly detonate in a cloud of glittery confetti from the sheer force of his powerful infectious cheerfulness. No wonder he's singing about bombs.

Gaah, that lady was the fifth fan I've blown up this week, and it's only Tuesday! Curse my radioactively sunny personality!

In conclusion, the world is a better place because this video exists. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a day to waste obsessively seeking out and watching every Reckless Love video on YouTube.

*According to a bunch of random-question-askers on the internet, anyway. Type in "Why are Finns" and Google gives you autofilled responses like "Why are Finnish guys so shy" "Why are Finns so quiet" and "Why are Finns so weird." Then again, you also get "Why are Finns good drivers," good to have at least one positive stereotype going for you, I guess?  

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