Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amazon Roulette, Round III: Panettone

Christmas is coming.  What better way to celebrate than by ordering food I know I'll like from the internet for once? 

Let's start out with a fancy panettone from Zingerman's Bakehouse.  No rancid vinegary egg yolks in these puppies!

Plus, they come fully gift-wrapped! The irregular shape of the panettone inside made the package a bit lopsided and weird, but that was fine by me.  It brought back warm fuzzy memories of getting stuffed animals for Christmas; I defy anyone to wrap a ginormous floppy stuffed tiger without ending up with a lopsided, weird-looking package.

In addition to the ribbon and colorful paper, my panettone was swathed in a thick decorative wrapper, which I think is hilarious.  It looks like a giant novelty bread cupcake.

Time to dig in:

Perfect, fluffy, yeasty-sweet, fruit-filled goodness.

This thing inhabits some dreamy hinterland between bread and cake, and I love it.  The raisins and candied citrons give it a nice tang, too.  Some people might think it has too much candied fruit; but fortunately I was never forced to eat bad fruitcake or those creepy translucent green cherries as a kid, so I don't have traumatic memories crowding out my ability to judge whether a panettone is super-saturated with sultanas or not.  I thought it seemed like the right amount.  If you do have a candied fruit phobia, I'd recommend getting one of those grocery store panettones that has chocolate instead of fruit.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, my mind has turned to the half-a-panettone now sitting defenseless in the breadbox.  The Zingerman's website recommends making French toast with the leftovers when they start getting dry.  I don't think mine will last that long.

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