Monday, June 23, 2014

Music Video Monday: Run Runaway

And now, a brief tourism bulletin written by English glam rock band Slade:

Come and visit the lovely British Isles!

See historic Eastnor Castle, where kilted bagpipers march in unison and every rock band has a violinist as well as a guitarist! It's all quite quaint and picturesque and British.

Also, Slade vocalist Noddy Holder might randomly invade your personal space and make weird faces at you!


Oh. it no mind. That's just something he does every now and then,! We also have a welcoming committee of occasionally-fist-shaking Scotsmen!

Plus one big, slightly angry-looking fellow who looks like he's up for a spot of tossing the caber. Right into your stupid tourist face.

Hmm. This isn't going very well, is it? What we're trying to say is...

Damn it, Noddy!

Uh...Thanks, guys, but I think we'll just visit my husband's grandpa in Florida again this year. Love this song, though. The violin is a nice touch.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a recruiting film for Scottish independence. Noddy for PM?