Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Did Stuff! (Part II)

You know how some books have pictures?

You know how some books don't have pictures and you have to (groan) pay attention to the description and (uuuungh kill me now) use your imagination to picture what all the characters and places look like?

I kid, of course. Using your imagination is great.* But in case you don't agree, I've made reading my book just a little easier on you:  

I made a web comic to go along with my book! You can view it on my website here. The comic begins where the book leaves off and continues the characters' adventures, but you don't have to read the book to follow the story.** I post a new strip weekly on Thursdays.

By the way, many thanks to my excellent artist, Candace Ellis. Check out her deviantART page:

*I like doing it so much I wrote a whole book while doing it.

**I can't imagine why you wouldn't read it, though. Free ticket to heaven, remember?

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