Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Poemiest Place In Vermont

So I'm still pretty tired from finishing up a long weekend/micro-honeymoon in Vermont, but I do have something very important to say.

The Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont is a veritable hotbed of pure, uncut awesome.

Is it because of their beautifully and individually decorated rooms?  The clear mountain stream that runs through the property?  Their excellent food, huge wine selection, and the fact that their dining room overlooks said picturesque mountain stream?  Perhaps the fact that they leave fresh chocolate truffles on your bedside table every night?

Well, yeah.

But what is it that makes them really, super, way-above-average awesome?

They leave little cards with famous poems printed on them right next to the chocolates.  Really.  On Saturday we got a copy of 'Willow Poem' by William Carlos Williams along with our lovely cappuccino truffles.  'Up-Hill' by Christina Rossetti appeared next to two dainty little black forest-flavored morsels the next night.

How brilliant is it to make people associate reading stuff with free chocolate?  I'm seeing a possible book-selling strategy here.

Speaking of books, check out the cool vintage ones we found hidden in a desk in our room:

They had a whole library of these in a cozy little den near the reception area, too.  New Englanders sure do like their old books.

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