Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Video Monday: Mother

So I'm currently about six chapters into the worst book of the 1980's, and I'm having trouble reading further because of how badly written and preachy it is, but I promised I'd deconstruct it, so too bad. I've put together a playlist of appropriately themed music to reward myself for doing my homework, but it's only partially working because now I want to just listen to the much better and more pleasant songs and blow off the book. So I'm only permitting myself to listen to one at a time.

I just finished a chapter, so here's #1 on the playlist. "Mother" by Danzig.

I felt this one fit the theme for several reasons:

1.  This song will never not fit anywhere. It is brilliant.
2.  The fact that the video is shot in black and white is a nice touch. The use of light and shadow is nice too; it gives the whole thing a dreamy, surreal feel. If Michelle Remembers had been written by a good writer (and preferably labeled and marketed as the fiction it is, rather than disguised  as non-fiction) I think this is roughly what the movie adaptation would look like.
3.  The video features the sacrifice of a chicken. Which seems to have little to do with the actual song, but still makes a thousand times more sense than any of the Satanic rituals in Michelle Remembers.

Well, I've had my fun. *sigh* Back to the Satanic-Panic-generating bullshit mines with me.

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